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Benefit to Institute of Aicte Membership

Accreditation and educational quality assurance are essential factors that complete the educational eco- -system.

For institutions to compete with their international counterparts, a body to recognize and accredit education providers on an international scale was needed to grant them Secondary Accreditation for their establishments. It was imperative to create standards that are both regionally and internationally recognized and accepted.

To accomplish the challenge, AICTE started providing International membership to the educational institutions to serve as secondary accredited memberships, enhance the institution's regional accreditation and assures students that the educational program, policies and procedures of that institution are up to the international standards of education. AICTE's International membership represents an institution's commitment to delivering quality education which is on a par with the global standards. It assures the institute's students that their certificates and credits will have increased acceptability around the world, should they decide to study or work abroad.

AICTE grants international membership through a unique and patented Points Profile System that is developed by organizing the best global practices in education at one place in collaboration with regional accreditation bodies. AICTE's Point Profile System works as a general basis of evaluation for any education provider, regardless of its regional location to supplement their regional accreditation and provide an additional international membership.


AICTE offers many benefits to its members. Through our membership, you become a part of an international community and enjoy the prestige associated with it. By becoming our member, you can:

  • . Once you become an AICTE's member, you will be welcome to participate in all our global events that are organized frequently in different parts of the world. These events include different workshops, seminars, and conferences etc. You will be entitled to suggest and recommend improvement in education standards by collaborating with the other members and working as a think tank of the chapters with the help of the platform provided by AICTE.

AICTE accredits membership to non- traditional education providers all over the world to reassure students that they are making the right choices. It also provides international membership for recognition of your institute and university program all over the world.

Accreditation of non- traditional education providers by AICTE ensures that they are operating according to the set principles and are meeting the required standards. An education provider can get membership if you are:

  • an online/distance learning/PDA technology higher educational institution
  • a higher educational institution that offers online/distance study programs in any field.
  • institutions will be allowed to use our logos in their website and certifications.

Fee: We charge very nominal fees for evaluation of your institute by our competent team of professionals before granting membership.

Once the evaluation committee tenders its report, the institution is informed to use our logos. For using our logos, we take a monthly fee to be paid by the institute till the institute wishes to use our logos. Once the institute stops paying monthly fee, its name and link is removed from our website.


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The core of the AICTE is the nine Principles of Best Practice for Distance Learning.
The Principles focus on the following areas:
  • Mission
  • Standards
  • Integrity
  • Student admission
  • Human resources
  • Learning environment
  • Teaching and learning
  • Student support
  • Program evaluation
Association of International Colleges in Technical Education is a self accredited organisation for open and distance education community in technology.