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The Association of International Colleges in Technical Education (AICTE), is responsible for the promotion and coordination of the Open and Distance Learning system in the country. AICTE is a self accredited distance education council. The AICTE has been taking various initiatives to maintain the standards of the Distance Education in the Country. AICTE institutions serve thousand of students around the globe, primarily adult learners pursuing their education while employed, with about 40% receiving tuition assistance from their employer. Post Secondry and college students are in their 30s, approximately half are female, and complete their programs at a rate (approximately 70%) above traditional college students.

Pursuing a good distance learning course can help a lot of people in scaling high in any organization that they are presently engaged with. Thus apart from allowing you to learn in your own time and pace distance learning also improve your career options. Moreover the course fees of distance education courses are much lesser as compared to that of the regular courses. As it appears today, the benefits of the correspondence courses will be reaped by more and more people in the future.

In a huge Country like India where fruits of development are not equally distributed, the importance of distance education is tremendous. It can significantly improve the quality of life of the people by making technology-mediated education accessible to the remotest corner of the country and all those who cannot afford to attend regular classes. Association of International Colleges in Technical Education provides the guiding principles of education to support excellence, promotes use of modern technology.


The core of the AICTE is the nine Principles of Best Practice for Distance Learning.
The Principles focus on the following areas:
  • Mission
  • Standards
  • Integrity
  • Student admission
  • Human resources
  • Learning environment
  • Teaching and learning
  • Student support
  • Program evaluation

Association of International Colleges in Technical Education is a self accredited organisation for open and distance education community in technology.