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With so much focus on whether college is worth it, relatively little attention has been paid to the value of certificate programs. A report from the Centre examines whether these certificates actually help students in the labour market. Thus, there has been increase in the trend of professional certifications in diverse field.

For some people, a certificate is a viable alternative to a college degree, enabling them to earn more that what average graduates do. The earnings of people who hold certificates are 20% higher than the earnings of workers who go no further. If a certificate holders work in the field in which they earn the certificate, their income is just 4% less that the income of degree holders.

Certificates may particularly help compensate the lack of a traditional college education. The research indicates that earnings of certificate holders are nearly on par with those who have received a college/ university education. Yet score of certificate holders on the National Assessment of Adult Literacy is several point lower than those who complete some college.

Certificates deliver �focused training� that can help people, who for some reason, were unable to acquire traditional academic qualifications and training to get suitable employment opportunities. The case for effectiveness of certificates varies depending on the field of study.

Institutions offering such programs which are not affiliated to their respective government bodies but run courses in diversed field, required in the labour markets, can stand tall by sharing their vision and research among the co- enterpreneurs for the betterment of the students.



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